Think about it once and make the switch to green web hosting

Do you know what green web hosting is? How often, if ever, do you think about the environmental impact of your website? Most of us do not think about it at all if we’re completely honest.

It became an issue for my partner and I because we live off-grid, which means that we useĀ  our own renewable energy system to run our home and office. We became frustrated with not being able to have green web hosting for our websites, so over the years we did a lot of research, weeded out the green washing and found some really green hosting which was also reliable. We’d like to share it, because we’re like that.

Most people are not aware that the power used by the internet is becoming an issue in climate change however fortunately this is a situation that we all have to power to influence.

Do you ever wonder how much electricity a data centre uses?

A data centre is where websites “live”, all websites must be stored somewhere. They are stored in data centres which are usually large warehouse type buildings with big power bills.

Next we must consider what form of electrical power the data centre is plugged into, is it using coal, nuclear, (fracked) natural gas, hydro, wind or solar energy?

And then there’s the water usage to add to the equation. Whether for air conditioning or cooling many data centres use quite a bit of water. The exact amounts vary and the water use conversation has only just started.

If you have a green business then you shouldn’t you really have a green website? If you recycle, if you are thoughtful about the use of resources in your life then wouldn’t you like your website to reflect that commitment? I’d like to offer you a service so that you only have to think about all of this once.

Take this simple action

Click on the contact page on my website – fill out your details, include your email address & your website name. Be sure to include the date on which your current hosting plan ends. I will contact you before the end date of your current plan and we can begin the process of a free switch-over to Green Web Hosting.

Think about it just once and make the switch to Green Hosting.

Tide coming in, change the tide, change climate change

Let’s Change The Tide

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