Creative Writing and Bravery

When I launched my web hosting company Osprey Hosting I had a few intentions in mind. One was to provide web hosting for women, without the techno babble, just one woman talking with another woman.

Another intention was to enable people to create their own space for their own stories, a space to bravely share their creative writing, especially for those of us who are not “real writers”. I wouldn’t be brave enough to share what I create with a publishing website however I think that I might just be brave enough to share it here, in my own blog.

If I wish to support, encourage, enable others to share their creative content on their own blogs oughtn’t I be brave enough to share mine?

So I’m going to share a poem that I wrote last Halloween. I had been thinking about my sister, it was twenty five years since we had left home for the big city of London and so this poem became created, perhaps it even created itself? Sometimes I think that happens…

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The Clocks Went Back


30 years ago the clocks went back
On two young women,
Having moved into their first ever
Rented, grown up house

30 years ago the world
Was their oyster,
Young and bright the sisters launched
Upon their lives amidst the strange, bright lights

30 years ago they wondered
How they would be in the new century
That was so far ahead,
To them it just didn’t seem real

30 years ago the idea of being not-twenty
Was as foreign as Turkmenistan
It was unreal, unthinkable & unreachable
Twenty was where it was at… man

30 years later we still thrive
Our hearts still speak to each other
Children, Grandchildren are concerns now,
Grateful those two young women survived

Miriam Sheerin – 2015

8 thoughts on “Creative Writing and Bravery

  1. Lovely poem. It’s crazy how fast time seems to go. I remember my big journey to Ireland. I know I was thinner and less responsible but my wild heart is still in place.

    Great reminder and I love the philosophy behind your business.

  2. Lovely poem, reminiscing myself recently, 40 years left school. A family member linked me with your site (Nuala of Tawnylustlodge). Have set up my own website and got the domain and getting ready for the next step.

    • Thanks so much Caroline, both for dropping by and for the kind words. Well done on getting your own site up, I popped over for a look, it’s lovely and colourful. If I can help in any way just get in touch. I’ll say hi on twitter too, as I love to chat there.
      Don’t forget that if you’d like to switch to green web hosting you can get in touch with your hosting plan renewal dates and I will remind you close to the time so that you can avail of a free switch-over service.
      If you know anyone who is interested in starting a website I offer a tutorial session for getting up and running with WordPress for people who are new to blogging and websites, also run maintenance sessions for people who just want to check out how to improve things for their sites.

  3. Thank you for sharing your poem Miriam. It really spoke to me. Brings me back to similar thoughts of where my twenty year old head was at. x

    • Thanks Marguerite, so glad that you stopped by for a virtual visit. We were both very different people then, weren’t we? Still, at our core, we have the same integrity, strength and character that we had then, spiced up by a little life experience since.

    • Thank Dorothy, I appreciate you taking time to come over for a visit and also, of course, your compliments! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

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