Creative Writing and Bravery

When I launched my web hosting company Osprey Hosting I had a few intentions in mind. One was to provide web hosting for women, without the techno babble, just one woman talking with another woman. Another intention was to enable people to create their own space for their own stories, a space to bravely share their creative writing, especially for those of us who are not “real writers”. I wouldn’t be brave enough to share what I create with a publishing website however I think that I might just be brave enough to share it here, in my own blog.

If I wish to support, encourage, enable others to share their creative content on their own blogs oughtn’t I be brave enough to share mine?

So I’m going to share a poem that I wrote last Halloween. I had been thinking about my sister, it was twenty five years since we had left home for the big city of London and so this poem became created, perhaps it even created itself? Sometimes I think that happens…

Creative Writing, The Clocks Went Back, image of clock face
The Clocks Went Back


30 years ago the clocks went back
On two young women,
Having moved into their first ever
Rented, grown up house

30 years ago the world
Was their oyster,
Young and bright the sisters launched
Upon their lives amidst the strange, bright lights

30 years ago they wondered
How they would be in the new century
That was so far ahead,
To them it just didn’t seem real

30 years ago the idea of being not-twenty
Was as foreign as Turkmenastan
It was unreal, unthinkable & unreachable
Twenty was where it was at… man

30 years later we still thrive
Our hearts still speak to each other
Children, Grandchildren are concerns now,
Grateful those two young women survived

Miriam Sheerin – 2015

Think about it once and make the switch to green web hosting

Do you know what green web hosting is? How often, if ever, do you think about the environmental impact of your website? Most of us do not think about it at all if we’re completely honest.

It became an issue for my partner and I because we live off-grid, which means that we use  our own renewable energy system to run our home and office. We became frustrated with not being able to have green web hosting for our websites, so over the years we did a lot of research, weeded out the green washing and found some really green hosting which was also reliable. We’d like to share it, because we’re like that.

Most people are not aware that the power used by the internet is becoming an issue in climate change however fortunately this is a situation that we all have to power to influence. Continue reading “Think about it once and make the switch to green web hosting”